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Re-thatching thatch roofs
What damages the thatch roof?

  1. Rats and mice that uses the thatch roof for nesting holes.
  2. Birds making nests, they use thatch grass and cape reed to build their own nests.
  3. Later on these holes will have to be re-thatched.
  4. Wind and hail storms

Re-thatch of a Roof

Re-thatch are done when there is no other option. Normally when the thatching is very old or the thatch grass has rotten like this thatch roof below.

needs re-thatching

We remove all the thatching grass and fiberglass ridging on the construction of the thatch roof. If the fiberglass is still in good condition we normally reuse if otherwise we install new fiberglass ridging onto your thatch roof. When we marked any other faults on your roof or construction we will inform about the problem.

re-thatch thatch roof

After removing the old rotten thatch grass we install the new thatching grass. If the thatching grass under is still in a good condition then we can Install a layer of thatch on an existing thatch roof. This is more affordable option. We remove the old and rotten grass and replace it with new thatching grass.

Excellent thatch will not require frequent maintenance If you use professional thatchers.re-thatching.

When to kwon if your thatch roof needs re-thatching. Do not assume that because materials are slipping or that the roof looks a mess that it needs re-thatching.

Do not let non-thatcher’s fit netting, flashings etc. without advice from an experienced thatcher.

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