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Thatching Grass

Thatch Grass | Dek Gras

Thatch layer to be minimum 150-175mm thick.
The outer layer is thatched with normal "Highveld" grass, commonly known as the yellow thatching grass. We regard the quality of grass one of the most important aspects of the thatching process. Grass with reeds of 2 to 3mm thick are used. This ensures good compaction, density and prevents water penetrating the grass. Grass reeds exceeding 4mm are not suitable for thatching. A well compacted thatch ensures a good, dense thatch which will eventually ensure a longer life span. All grass used is winter cut, ensuring a good quality grass. Our standard thatch thickness is 175mm unless stated otherwise.

Thatching Grass

Thatch grass to be Hypharinia Hirta or other approved species of good quality with excess fines and leaf matter removed. Grass length to exceed 800mm. Butt end to be clean cut and straight.

Grass should be cut when fully mature, i.e. the grass has minimum moisture content and no seed is present. Cutting after the first frosts obviously ensures the above.

Thatch layer to be minimum 150-175mm thick. Thatch layers to be stitched between lath and minimum 3.15mm diameter fully galvanized sways using tarred sisal twine. Stitches not to be greater than 100mm apart.

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