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Top Thatch Products:

Thatching grass

Laths | Latte


Garden Edgings


CCA Treated poles

Thatching Grass

Cape Reed

Fibreglass Ridging


Nuts and washers

Threaded Rods


Sealer and membrane

Binding wire


Latte Fencing Pretoria

Laths | Latte

Top Thatch also stock Laths:


Laths are between 20mm to 35mm thick in diameter and is used in the inside of the lapa. The purpose of laths in a thatch roof is to tighten the grass and cape reed with nylon twine.

Laths looked like thin gum poles and it is also CCA treated but H3 level. Laths is used above ground- it is not treated to plant the poles into the ground. When spacing laths next to each other for a roof or fencing it will be approximately 30 laths used per meter.

Latte OmheiningLatte Omheining

This is examples of how you can used laths. If you want to put them next to each other you wil use 30 single laths per meter.

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