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CCA Treated Gum poles

All Top Thatch & Inry Pale wooden poles are treated with SABS standard. The chemicals that are used to treat the poles are CCA (Copper, Chrome and Acronym). These chemicals are treated against insects that damage the poles, so that the poles does not rotten and also to prolong the life span of the wooden pole.

Treated Poles Treated Poles

All Top Thatch and Inry pale poles are issued with an anti-split plate at each end to ensure that your timber doesn’t crack.

Purchasing treated timber:

The treated timber which you have purchased has been prepared in term of south African national standards specification. The specification not only ensures a minimum standard but also provides a guide for end-use application through a hazard classification symbol on the timber.

Your treated timber will be marked with one of the symbols listed below:

Treated Poles

Our poles are H4 CCA level

The science of treating timber properly, provides for the preservative to be deeply impregnated into the sapwood thereby giving a deep envelop of treatment around the central heartwood. It is preferable that your treated timber is purchased in the size in which you intend to use it. If this is not the case and you subsequently cut the timber, yo may expose the untreated heartwood of the timber. It is important that to retain the integrity of the treatment that you liberally swab or brush a suitable preservative e.g. Creosote or CCA, onto the cut surface. The cut end of a post or stake should not be the end which you plant into the ground. Rather use the other uncut end.

It timber, e.g. a treated post is planted in the ground it is essential that you allow for drainage of rainwater through the timber.

How to plant a pole

Treated Timber will give you many years of satisfactory service which will be extended even further with proper maintenance.

As you already know, any tree grows from thick to thin, so all poles are categorized by measuring them at each end on the thin side. These sizes are:

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