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Lapa and Grasdakke

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Welcome to Inry Pale & Top Thatch

Inry Pale & Top Thatch is a thatching company that provides top quality service to the corporate and private sectors alike. Specializing in projects such as residential, game farms, rest camps as well as international. Inry Pale & Top Thatch is becoming one of the top thatching companies in Southern Africa.

Inry Pale and Top Thatch main focus:

Thatch Roofs

Thatch Roofs | Grasdakke

Top Thatch and Inry Pale repair, re-thatch, maintain and builds new thatch roofs, Lapa and Grasdakke. View all

SABS CCA treated Poles

Top Thatch and Inry Pale sells SABS standard CCA treated poles for any type of construction. View all

SABS CCA Treated Poles>
Thatching Grass and Cape Reed

Cape Reed and Thatch Grass

Top Thatch and Inry Pale is a thatching company that sells thatching materials to build and repair thatch roofs. View all

SABS CCA treating Plant

Inry Pale & Top Thatch has their own treating plant where they treat their own wood, that is why Inry Pale & Top Thatch prices are the best. View all

SABS CCA Treating Plant

We supply and install lightning conductors to protect your thatch roof against lightning. Read More

We repair thatch roofs and build new thatch roofs.
Read More

Inry pale & Top Thatch Treat there own wooden Poles, and other wood. Read More

We sell material for thatch roofs, fencing, bridges, jungle gym and many more. Read More